Although hesitant at first, Diane was convinced by her daughters to come along to one of the lunch day services run by Manor Farm Community Association. She’d recently lost her husband of 57 years and was fearful of a life spent cooped up indoors with a gradual loss of independence.

A daughter who lived nearby was the only family she had regular contact with, and she could only do so much.

Picture1‘Give it a Go – You’ll Stay for Good’
“I urge others in my situation to give it a go.
“Just try it once” she says, she’s betting you’ll stay for good.”

Diane also observed how the social services which once helped her late husband seemed to be slowly disappearing. So, feeling as though she had nowhere else to turn, Diane finally decided to reach out to Manor Farm.

From the moment she first took the leap to contact Manor Farm, the services they’ve provided have become more and more valuable to Diane; now they’re indispensible. She describes them as a “lifeline” she couldn’t do without.

They’ve given her a place to go for comfort and companionship. She describes how making new friendships has made a much bigger difference than she’d hoped, and enabled her to continue living an active and independent life.

The Silver Service is funded through the Community Lottery Fund.  If you would like more details on the activities and services provided by Manor Farm Community Association, please call 01922 614316 or email info@manorfarmca.com



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