Sheila is new to our lunch club service.  She has had a ‘wonderful’ experience so far. Despite losing her husband, she’s still enthusiastic about new things – and the lunch time club was exactly what she wanted.

She describes the lunch clubs as perfect – the service is excellent, and she feels at home without worrying about making friends.  The Silver Scheme has made such a difference and with the wonderful social atmosphere with people chatting away, playing games and enjoying good food she has regained her confidence and wants to come more often!


The food is perfect for her and she was pleasantly surprised to find she has more variety then she had expected.  Manor Farm Community Centre is an ideal location for her and with so many activities on offer she feels she is surprised for choice!  The gentle gym is her favourite leisure activity at the centre as she says, it helps keep my bones strong and makes me ‘feel better!’

Carol, the Silver Service Scheme Co-ordinator, helped her and gave moral support as she was reluctant to pick up the phone but now, she feels that the Silver Scheme is an essential part of her life as it has relieved her loneliness and made her feel part of the community again.  Everyone is delighted with the progress Sheila has made and it clearly enables her to continue an independent life in her own home.

Sheila says …

 “I am so glad I am part of this wonderful community – the Silver Service has given me a reason to ‘go on!”

Overall, the Silver Service scheme has made a huge difference to her life and she is grateful for it.  She believes that these schemes are vital everywhere and really help to keep the ‘community feel’ … just like in the good old days!

[Please note:  Stock images of events Sheila has attended have been used in this case study.]

The Silver Service is funded through the Community Lottery Fund.  If you would like more details on the activities and services provided by Manor Farm Community Association, please call 01922 614316 or email info@manorfarmca.com




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