Two years ago, our Bereavement Help point was opened at Rushall Community Centre. We had 6 people attend that first week but now a staggering of over 20 people pop in each week for some company, a cuppa and maybe, some solace.

In partnership with St. Giles, Making Connections and Manor Farm we have trained and dedicated volunteers who collectively believe in ‘putting something back’ into our vibrant community.  We all have bereavements from time to time – sad times where we all struggle with grief.  Many of us ‘lose our way’ and battle on in silence trying to find reasons ‘why has it happened to me?’


We don’t have the answers.  We won’t pretend we have.  But  don’t ever feel alone.  We are here for you.  Come and chat or sit in silence.  We don’t judge and we don’t preach.  we are simply here for YOU.


The group is so supportive of each other and great friendships have now formed by dropping in to see how each other is getting on.  People are nice and friendships formed when we are feeling low seem, somehow, to be especially important. 

That’s why we would love to see you when maybe you are feeling in need of that cuppa.  You will ALWAYS be welcome.

A BIG thank you to all the staff, volunteers and members of the group for making this so special to all attending through some difficult times.

If you would like more details on the activities and services provided by Manor Farm Community Association, please call 01922 614316 or email info@manorfarmca.com



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